Hand-Embroidery process


Our design team creates swatches throughout the year based on research of market trends and fashion forecasting reports. Design houses also give us concept inputs and their vision for their next collection. Based on this, Fine Stitches presents fashion houses our embroidery swatch collection. Fashion houses select embroidery swatches as per their direction and provide their colour cards and graphics for next season.


Selected designs are translated into very precise paper patterns from the designer’s paper patterns and artworks by our team of skilled qualified artists. The kind of fabric on which the embroidery will be executed is also taken into account when making the paper patterns as different fabrics have different shrinkages. Our artists are well trained to adjust graphics according to sizes and adjust sizes for shrinkages.


The paper patterns are punched using a fine needle and stamped with a special white solution on fabric that has been stretched on a wooden embroidery frame. The solution seeps through tiny holes created during the punching process and gives a clear outline of the design.


Using wooden embroidery frames to hold the fabric, the embroiderers begin the process of embroidering after stamping the design keeping in mind the colour schemes and techniques required as per the swatch or sample. Embroidery is done by “ari” using a crochet hook needle or “zardosi” using a regular sewing needle.


One piece is sent to the fashion house after strict quality control for approval after which the production starts.


Every single production piece is closely monitored with great attention to detail. It is ensured that each piece is as per the approved sample piece. Any differences are corrected. Each piece is packed with a repair kit for emergencies.


Sampling lead times are 2 weeks and Production lead times are 4 to 6 weeks depending on the quantity and intensity of embroidery.